Harrison's Vineyard

Fine Pinot Noir


About us

Harrisons is a small focussed Pinot Noir producer near the rural town of Winnaleah and overlooking Mount Cameron in Tasmania’s North East.  Established and owned by Duncan Farquhar (former Tasmanian Government Viticulturist and National Extension Manager at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga). The vineyard is a replicated clonal trial exploring how a new region expresses itself as wine flavour and style.  The wines are made in cooperation with David Calvert in Dysart, near Hobart.


The name Harrisons honours the family who established farming on this site many years ago, especially the two sisters who had a reputation for hard work in the pioneering development of the region.

The Vineyard

The clones are 777, 521, 386, 114, 115, MV6, 2051 (aka D5V12A or FPMS 20), 8048 0014 (aka Mariafeld) and (aka G5V15 or FPMS Clone 2A).  The soils are deep chocolate red basalt, flocculating aluminium and iron clay based ferrosols. This fertile structure allows for ample water in quality inducing mild stress energy ranges (60-600KPa).  The vineyard and rows face 5 degrees east of due north to catch the morning sun.  The trellis is a 2.2m tall vertically shoot positioned canopy, split trained to Scott Henry.